Payment Connect*, featuring Guangdong-Hong Kong Express Payment, end-to-end e-payment, transaction notification, payment tracking and preferential rates, provides GBA-based businesses with a fast, convenient, transparent and cost-effective payment experience that meets a full range of payment needs.

Cross-border payment now faster and cheaper

The Guangdong-Hong Kong Express Payment is now available to support payments in CNY, HKD and USD from HSBC China's branches and sub-branches in Guangdong Province to banks in Hong Kong (including HSBC Hong Kong and other banks), and able to keep track of payment status in real time to support clients with renewed business growth.

Fully digital platform, faster and easier to use

  • Digital banking: On-the-go cash management solution available on laptop, mobile and WeChat platforms. A simple and intuitive interface that offers easy access to all your corporate accounts with HSBC China and HSBC Hong Kong
  • Comprehensive e-FX trading platform for diverse needs of GBA-based businesses,Live streaming FX rates, direct RMB-FX conversion for cross-border payment, online document presentation and connection with FX platform for spot and forward rates in Guangdong and Hong Kong and real-time trading** to help corporates access flexible and competitive pricing options
  • Electronic Balance of Payment (eBOP): BOP declaration and payment request combined as one step by submitting digital information on HSBCnet
  • E-Tax: Available across 9 mainland cities in the GBA and powered by an e-signing function for online agreement signing

Payment flow now clearer and more controllable with status tracking

  • Payment status tracking anytime and anywhere: for transactions and payments during the past 35 days
  • Notice of payment/collection received via WeChat, SMS and email
  • Payment e-Advice received via HSBCnet and WeChat Service Account

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