Service Connect1 links up each client’s HSBC accounts in PRD and HK through HSBC GBA WeChat Mini Programme. It also provides access to GBA’s marketing insights, and details about HSBC’s cross-border banking products and services in the GBA via the 24 hours online virtual assistant.

GBA Hotline 400-821-88782

A fully upgraded hotline and a dedicated GBA service team are now available to handle enquiries on HSBC’s GBA-related banking services/products, assist corporates in effectively managing their banking activities, and drive continuous improvements of our customer experience.

GBA WeChat Mini Programme

Connecting your HSBC accounts in PRD and HK, the mini programme brings you a single platform that enables faster cross-border payments and fingertip access to the latest insights about the GBA, helping businesses tap into the unlimited growth potential across the region.

  • Easy appointment for HSBC GBA account opening
  • HSBCnet profile in Mainland China easily bonded online via the mini programme and details of HSBC accounts in both Mainland China and Hong Kong viewable in real time
  • Overview of HSBC’s cross-border banking products and services in the GBA
  • Synchronised access to HSBC HongKong’s online sharing platform VisionGo, for GBA’s market insights
  • Easy access to HSBC branches and service contact in the GBA

Online Support by Virtual Assistant

  • Virtual assistant available 7x24 and manual service available 9:00-18:00 daily to handle enquiries on HSBC’s GBA-related banking services/products
  • One-button access to online support
  • Voice and text recognition
  • Powered by AI, semantic analysis and profound RMs’ knowledge
  • Ongoing learning by experience

HSBC GBA Brochure for Corporate Customer

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