Guangdong-Hong Kong Express Payment

With the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) now being a sizeable growth engine of China, efficient and low-cost fund transfer has become a success factor for corporates to tap into the unlimited business opportunities there. The newly-launched solution of Guangdong-Hong Kong Express Payment is now available to support payments in CNY, HKD and USD from HSBC China's branches and sub-branches in Guangdong Province to banks in Hong Kong (including HSBC Hong Kong and other banks), and able to keep track of payment status in real time to help clients with renewed business growth.

Innovative cash and liquidity management solutions

In the face of new normal of the macro economy, our innovative cash and liquidity management solutions focusing on better customer experience integrate various transaction and liquidity management platforms. The ground-breaking, forward-looking and industry-leading solutions are designed to empower corporates with further digital transformation, improved financial efficiency, continued business growth and eventually a better future.

ERP adaptor, cash management corporate and bank integration solution

Cash management system integration solution of “ERP adaptor” can help you to connect your ERP system to HSBC platforms in an automated, seamless and fast manner to support and fulfill different cash management needs and to improve operational efficiency.

Omni collect solution

We are the first foreign bank in mainland China to offer an omni collect solution service that operates across all major digital channels. It also provides a consolidated reconciliation report with transaction details. This can offer a significant boost to our operational efficiency in information collection, reconciliation, cash management and so on.

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