Credit Connect*, is designed to timely meet the financing needs for GBA-based corporate clients to address intra-group cross-border financing needs of their member companies in GBA. Work closely with HSBC Hong Kong and HSBC Macao, GBA Credit Connect enables fast cross-border re-allocation of credit facilities, intra-group member companies can reallocate the pre-approved total credit limit within one working day within Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It aims to make flexible arrangements for more efficient use of credit lines at the same time optimise funding cost by leveraging on the market advantages in three locations. This is one of HSBC's latest initiatives to bridge resources for GBA to provide seamless services to businesses in the region.

  • The use of credit facility is more flexible. Cross-border credit lines now can be mobilized within one working day in GBA, eliminating the time for new credit line to be set up, and no additional credit modification application procedures and document signing are required.
  • Flexible and efficient arrangement of credit plans in GBA, so that you can enjoy cheaper financing costs in the region at any time.

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