Empowering the present, sustaining the future

Empowering the present, sustaining the future

Support sustainable development of China

In the past 30 years, HSBC’s philanthropic efforts spread across almost half of China. To fuel China’s sustainable development has always been our initial aspiration.

Let Life Flourish at Honghu Lake

Protecting the Yangtze River

The Yangtze River Basin is a development area of strategic importance in China. Conservation of the Yangtze River must be balanced with economic development and livelihood improvement.

Zhang Shengyuan, once a bird poacher, now a bird nanny

From a bird poacher to a bird nanny, from plunder to protection, it is a moving story, which demonstrates the results of translating the awareness to preserve wetlands into improved capability to get it done. This is a tiny part about HSBC’s Living Yangtze Programme.

Li Na, from a migrant worker to a rural entrepreneur

The story of a rural youth returning to her hometown to run new businesses

Li Na was born in the 1980’s. In Hubei province. She left her hometown to work for many years and did several jobs before, including selling electronic appliances and purified water. She was pretty good at what she did. However, at the bottom of her heart, she always had this dream to be an entrepreneur. She wanted to go back to her hometown and start her own business. Finally she started a business of grain procurement and sales as she knew Hubei has always been an important area of grain, cotton and oil production.

Paving the way for the “last kilometer” in financial services

Supporting rural financial construction

The booming of innovation and businesses in rural areas in recent years has driven many young people to devote themselves in the revitalisation and economic development of their hometowns.

Workers gained confidence with financial knowledge

The story of financial literacy education for construction workers involved in “Belt and Road Initiative” projects

Cheng Zhongde is a Safety Officer on a construction site. In 2009 when he moved to Jiangsu from his hometown Sichuan, he was almost penniless. His parents were in their 80s and his two kids were still at school. As the only breadwinner in the family, he left his hometown to work in a construction site that is totally foreign for him.

Financial literacy – a wealth of knowledge to be shared

In support of Financial Literacy Education

In China, there are various infrastructure projects relying on the effort of numerous construction workers.

Most of these construction workers come from ordinary rural families with aged parents and young kids. They work hard and save up to support their parents and pay for the children’s education.

Liu Baoying, from an unexperienced beginner to a reliable caretaker

The story of caring for the elderly

In 2004, Liu Baoying started her job as a caretaker at He Tong nursing home. It was never an easy job to give care to the elderly. Some of them are with limited mobility or disability and need the caretaker to lift them up and move them around. Some of them have tempers and behave like a child. Liu Baoying remembers a granny who would run to the yard whenever she was unhappy and refused to come back for the meal when she just arrived the nursing home. At first, Liu Baoying blamed herself for not being strong enough to lift them up, or not being able to calm them down when they are in bad mood.

Yang Zhi, from a vulnerable child to an independent young adult

Growing up at the child protection centre

“I used to be living on the street. People belittled me, despised me and they’d stand there watching when I was beaten up by bad guys.” Yang Zhi was once a helpless child sent to child protection centre by the police. There he was taught to read and write by the staff, and received education and professional training. He is tremendously grateful to the staff who helped him at the child protection centre ‘I will never forget them’.

Devote to child protection, light up the way for growing-up

Supporting child protection programmes

Supporting vulnerable children is the focus of child protection. Most of them have an insecure life, and are unable to receive education and explore their potential like their peers. To help them, it is not enough to provide shelters, meals and clothes. They need the access to education so that one day they can become self-dependent adults and give back to society.

Promoting Sustainable Palm Oil for Green Supply Chain

Supporting Ecological Conservation

The 2020 China Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Forum and the 4th RSPO China Forum, supported by HSBC China and some other companies and organisations, was successfully held in Suzhou to support ecological conservation and encourage purchase and consumption of sustainable palm oil among more Chinese companies and consumers.

Supporting Rural Youth Entrepreneurship to Revive the Countryside

According to a recent statement by the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, China has won a defining victory in its fight against poverty, and by the end of 2020, all poor people in the country will be lifted out of poverty. To fulfill its corporate social responsibility, HSBC China has committed to enhancing employment and supporting eradication of poverty in the country.

Capacity Building for Rural Women to Revive the Countryside

In recent years, an increasing number of rural women have chosen to return to their hometowns to care for their children. While taking on family responsibilities, they are also eager to have renewed opportunities to achieve economic independence and increase family income.

Inclusive Finance for Poverty Alleviation, supporting Eco-businesses

Case sharing by HSBC China

In the "2020 Collection of Best Cases of Poverty Alleviation Support by China's Banking Industry" announced by China Banking Association (CBA), two from HSBC Bank (China) Limited were picked as "Best Case of Excellent Organisation" and "Best Case of Innovative Practices" respectively.

Supporting Rural Teacher Empowerment for Better Rural Education in China

HSBC Funds Green Sunflower Coach Programme

Rural teachers are looking after the education of over 40 million rural children in China, more than half of the country's students. In more remote areas, the quality of school education matters even more for the growth of students.

HSBC Guangzhou Community Festival Draws Nearly 140,000 across 15 Cities

HSBC Community Partner Programme for Community Development

The HSBC Guangzhou Community Festival, a major community carnival sponsored by HSBC China, has come to a successful conclusion this year. Blended with "online" elements, the event attracted nearly 140,000 community residents both online and offline with the power of livestreaming.

Supporting China’s Stable Employment Campaign through Career Training for University Students

HSBC sponsors the “Beijing-PRD Employment Programme”

In order to help more graduates finding jobs and contribute to the central government's goal of ensuring stable employment, HSBC and the Amity Foundation jointly launched the "Beijing-PRD Employment Programme".

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