Empowering the present, sustaining the future

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In the past 30 years, HSBC’s philanthropic efforts spread across almost half of China. To fuel China’s sustainable development has always been our initial aspiration.

Our philanthropic programmes enabled cross-disciplinary cooperation and the idea of sustainable development has been engraved into every programme. From ecological protection to rural development, from children’s development to the elderly’s welfare, from creating a better community to promoting social innovation, HSBC’s focus has always been about doing things without asking for anything in return.

In addition to funding NGOs, our employees have also devoted themselves to philanthropic activities - standing right next to the children in need of help, reaching out to the elderly in need of care. Wherever you are, you’d always see the presence of HSBC volunteers.

In the future, HSBC will move forward and use the efforts we are making now to empower a sustainable future.

Empowering the present, sustaining the future. (PDF, 2.2MB)

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