Liu Baoying, from an unexperienced beginner to a reliable caretaker

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In 2004, Liu Baoying started her job as a caretaker at He Tong nursing home.

It was never an easy job to give care to the elderly. Some of them are with limited mobility or disability and need the caretaker to lift them up and move them around. Some of them have tempers and behave like a child. Liu Baoying remembers a granny who would run to the yard whenever she was unhappy and refused to come back for the meal when she just arrived the nursing home. At first, Liu Baoying blamed herself for not being strong enough to lift them up, or not being able to calm them down when they are in bad mood.

After HSBC's nursing training, Liu Baoying learned a systematic way of nursing. With a strong sense of responsibility and love, she has developed a closer bond with the elderlies as she improves her nursing skills day by day. Now she would know exactly what they need the moment she looks at them in the eyes, or sees their facial expressions.

Today, Liu Baoying has become the beloved "Director Liu" to the elderlies with the reputation of "whatever you need, Director Liu can help you". The nursing home has become Director Liu’s second home as she went from a newbie to a professional caretaker. There are many other caretakers like her out there, who devote themselves to the elderly care business for decades. They are the first batch of elderly care industry leaders that HSBC has cultivated for China.

As an unprecedentedly aging society, elderly care industry in China is not a "simple" thing. The aging population is posing huge challenges for the economic structure and social security. HSBC has been working with the government and public welfare organisations since 1997 to promote the rise and development of the elderly care industry. We began with providing support to over 1,000 elderly care institutions serving nearly a million disabled and demented elderlies, and later explored different approaches to urban and rural community style elderly care homes to serve more elderly people. This is one of the most long-lasting and successful public welfare undertakings of HSBC.

Furthermore, HSBC has also trained more than 1,100 elderly care home directors and 1,000 elderly caretakers, held more than 10 National Elderly Care Forum, and funded the development of ‘China’s Long-Term Care Industry Service Assessment Standards’. In the future, HSBC will continue our efforts in bringing more benefit to the elderly and helping spread the love further.

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