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In China, there are various infrastructure projects relying on the effort of numerous construction workers.

Most of these construction workers come from ordinary rural families with aged parents and young kids. They work hard and save up to support their parents and pay for the children’s education. In expectations of family, they leave home and are thrown in a completely alienated environment. They have almost disconnected with the world outside of their daily routine.

In particular, “Belt and Road Initiative” projects usually last for a longer period in a more enclosed environment than general engineering projects. Under this circumstance, construction workers have no contact with the world outside staying in an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, they easily fall prey to financial frauds as they’re not clear of the information outside, and are not proficient in financial knowledge.

Targeting at construction workers in “Belt and Road Initiative” projects, the financial literacy programme supported by HSBC promotes financial knowledge among construction workers, and protects their earnings through financial education sessions.

In order to deeply root financial knowledge among them, HBSC developed sitcoms jointly with NGOs, which raised interest among audiences in a way they like. Participants now realise that there is no free lunch and they need to keep their feet on the ground in order to make money.

HSBC also funded and developed over a dozen financial education courses designed for elderlies in local communities, students and young people in rural areas and other groups.

From 2005 to present, HSBC has launched more than 40 public financial education programmes all over mainland China with a total investment of over RMB 220 million, benefiting urban and rural children and youth, university students, community elders, workers and other groups. All these endeavors have benefited more than 1 million people and promoted benign development of the society to fuel sustainable economic growth and sustainable social development.

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