One-stop digital solution for payroll management

HSBC recently launched Easy-Payroll, a one-stop digital solution for payroll management, in collaboration with e-Road, as the company’s first foreign bank partner. Besides basic payroll services, the solution also features value-added offerings including HR support, compensation calculation, tax calculation and tax management. The fully digitalized set of integrated payroll/tax services is designed to assist SMEs with more efficient HR and payroll management.

One-stop platform for payroll/tax management featuring services including IIT deduction, compensation calculation, pay slip generation and one-click tax declaration.

Leading solution for expat payroll with exclusive access to preferential exchange rates and express e-banking services that drive maximum employee satisfaction.

24x7 access to the online platform via PC, mobile APP and HSBC China Corporate Banking WeChat Service Account. One click to view salary details and claim corporate and employee benefits.

Optional upgrade to the premium package with extra services including consolidated tax settlement/payment, platform service for employee benefits, and enquiry/analysis of market pay rates*

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