HSBC Pioneer is our exclusive programme of next-level banking services and solutions, designed to accelerate fast-growing businesses by providing for their needs of tomorrow. At HSBC, we are committed to taking your business to the next level of growth.

Each member of the programme will enjoy access to next-level banking solutions curated by our HSBC team, including solutions for cash management, trade, FX and risk management.

Express Service Channels

  • An experienced Relationship Manager and dedicated access to HSBC’s Global Liquidity & Cash Management and Global Trade and Receivables Finance services for faster and more professional financial solutions and support tailored for your needs.
  • Faster payment from offshore HSBC account to onshore HSBC account and FX settlement (payment from an offshore entity’s HSBC China FX account to an onshore entity’s HSBC FX account and FX settlement).
  • 2-hour express cross-border transfer between Guangdong and Hong Kong.

Expanding Overseas

  • Straight-through channel to support Pioneer clients in overseas account opening with elevated success rate, especially in Asia Pacific.

Optimised FX Solutions

  • Dedicated document review and multi-currency payment channel designed to fulfill corporate needs for multi-currency payments.
  • Global network and independent FX clearing channel that enable faster settlement at a lower rate.
  • Powerful e-FX platform featuring transparency of FX transfer and booking of rate to avoid loss from FX volatility.
  • Dedicated access to HSBC’s FX Dealers for tailored FX hedging solutions.

Building Connections

  • Opportunities to connect and network with investors and like-minded peers in the business community.
  • Invitations to exclusive HSBC industry and thought-leadership events.

Recognising Individuals and Families

  • HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management: exclusive benefits under HSBC China Employee Banking Solution; HSBC Premier that offers services including “stay Premier, wherever you go”, global transfer and global view. *
  • The opportunity to participate in HSBC’s exclusive private banking events that serve more sophisticated needs of wealth management by providing access to international markets.

*For more information, please refer to “Special Offer Application for HSBC China Employee Banking Solution” and

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