Whether for innovation in traditional industries or for exploration in new economy sectors, SMEs are an indispensable presence. We are committed to fulfilling customer needs across all stages of their development through dedicated financial services and support. As always, HSBC remains a firm supporter of SMEs.

eRoad Software

eRoad Software is a cloud service platform for human resource management that specializes in integrated payroll and tax solutions, with complex payroll management as its core business. Each month, the company provides a one-stop shop for all types of businesses, especially those with personalized payroll needs.

Wang Tianyang, eRoad’s CEO, said, "Cloud-based human resource management is a mega trend, but moving to the cloud alone is not enough. In April this year, the NDRC launched a campaign called ‘Empower Enterprises with Cloud-based Platform and Digital Intelligence’, advocating the use of digital innovation tools to empower companies to achieve smart HR management, and ultimately improve management efficiency and business value. On its part, eRoad has correspondingly launched its Initiative of ‘Nine Universal Benefits’." Based on this strategic plan, the company, already a market leader of HR and compensation management solutions, is still constantly pursuing innovation in HR management by leveraging new technologies including cloud computing and big data to build a one-stop HR cloud platform. To date, eRoad has successfully served more than 2 million employees and 3,000 corporate customers across 24 countries worldwide. As economists predict, companies that have been digitally transformed, can work remotely and have little physical constraints will be better positioned to deal with the impact of economic volatility in the post-epidemic era. eRoad has not only achieved rapid growth in its own business, but also helped its clients in tackling all kinds of unexpected challenges with ease, while working with HSBC to meet their clients’ financial needs, so as to help them achieve a smooth and orderly return to work and production.

Payroll services involve not only HR but also finance. On the finance side, there are also complicated processing steps that require professional financial support. “I’m deeply impressed by HSBC in three ways. Firstly, their banking services are very friendly to SMEs and they have dedicated relationship managers. Secondly, their services are very innovative and international. As our payroll services cover different types of employees, we need banking support in both corporate and retail services. For that, HSBC has provided us with a lot of innovative solutions. Thirdly, HSBC offers highly efficient internet banking platform and digital banking solutions, and their communication style is close fit for a technology company like us. And one more thing, as our overseas business grows, we also see the benefit of HSBC's globalnetwork, which, of course, is one of the competitive advantages of an international bank like HSBC." said Wang Tianyang, eRoad’s CEO.



It is said that “fernweh”, the German word, is used to describe the deep pain in your heart from being isolated at home and unable to travel. Nowadays, some are singing on the balcony; some are playing ball games on the rooftop. People’s stories about being cooped up at home sound so similar. In the meantime, the VR/AR industry is in the spotlight once again. A hiking trip, an underwater adventure or a museum visit in a virtual setting is a great way to ease your mind through AR/VR. Perhaps RealMax is about to bring these to life in our post-epidemic era. RealMax's Senior Vice President Chen Xinli believes that there is huge room for the development of immersive and interactive AR scenarios in China. Medical, educational, cultural, entertainment and industrial scenarios have all been empowered by AR. With the rapid development of 5G technology and new infrastructure in China, AR will soon empower people’s daily life. As an AR pioneer in China, RealMax released its market-leading smart AR glasses with super-large field of view at the 2018 CES and is now leading the way in B2B applications in China. Thanks to its unique market positioning, RealMax has maintained steady growth despite the epidemic and is expected to further experience exponential growth soon with the rapid development of 5G and new infrastructure in the country.

RealMax's global network and expansion plan requires support from an international financial institution. "RealMax is not a big company yet. But in order to pool the world's leading R&D and customer resources, we’ve set up subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and a few other places. With rich expertise and experience in China and globally, HSBC is a provider of world-class financial solutions. The Bank has supported us with efficient global solutions including account opening and payment so that we can focus our limited and valuable time on our core business in technology." , said Chen Xinli



ECMOHO is a leading online provider of health services. With continuous investment in retail technology, the company has become a trusted partner for some of the world’s top 500 brands ,and its digital operation solution has been widely used over the years. The company is now an essential part of everyday life for consumers and partner brands alike and thus a key link on the value chain it has built. That’s why the company is going through rapid development.

The rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce requires abundant cash flow as its protection. Since ECMOHO began to bank with HSBC in 2018, the Bank has raised its lending quota for the company multiple times to help it make large purchases in multiple markets, including the US, Europe, Japan and Korea while maintaining a robust cash flow. With the relationship growing deeper, HSBC proposed a tailored solution under which some of the company’s debt financing plan was to be undertaken to overseas market for the benefit of a lower cost. Besides, HSBC’s digital banking also provides highly efficient cross-border collection and payment services to help the company complete more transactions within less time. “Our cooperation with HSBC is flawless because they understand our needs. We are able to stand out from the rest in the field thanks to the powerful support of finance." said Zeng Qingchun, co-founder and COO of ECMOHO.

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