ERP adaptor, Cash Management Corporate and Bank Integration Solution

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Connect your ERP system to HSBC platforms in an automated, seamless and fast manner.

To meet your requirements of simpler and faster management of daily accounting process with high efficiency, we provide a cash management system integration solution of “ERP adaptor”. It can help you to connect your ERP system to HSBC platforms in an automated, seamless and fast manner.


Flexible Uploading Options

Uploading payment documents through connecting your own ERP system with HSBC host-to-host system or on HSBCnet

Faster Implementation

Attractive pricing, plug-and-play ERP adaptor with minimal resource requirements

Simpler Working Capital and Liquidity Management

Seamless and customized integration with HSBC platform to increase productivity

More Efficient Operations

Integrated platform to manage bank accounts and payments across the various geographical locations

Solution highlights

Payment and Settlement

  • To support both domestic and cross-border payments
  • To support priority payments, staff reimbursements, payroll and unitary payments
  • To satisfy customized payment needs and lower group financial cost

Account Management

  • To track payment status and to view account balances across entities for accurate cash flow forecasting

Authority Management

  • To set up segregated authority and permission for group and its members pursuant to customers’ internal requirement, and to assist companies to establish an organized risk control and management system

Management of Authorization and Approval Process

  • To set up customized approval authorities pursuant to corporate financial needs and to assist companies to orchestrate cash management process

Suitable industry

  • Available for corporates across China
  • Especially applicable for corporates under high-speed development in new economy industries and sectors, including hi-tech, new education, new health care, new retail, smart manufacturing and smart logistics, to support and fulfill different cash management needs and to improve operational efficiency

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