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Integrating transaction and liquidity management platforms to empower corporates digital transformation with simpler and smarter services.

In the face of new normal of the macro economy, our innovative cash and liquidity management solutions focusing on better customer experience integrate various transaction and liquidity management platforms. The ground breaking, forward looking and industry leading solutions are designed to empower corporates with further digital transformation, improved financial efficiency, continued business growth and eventually a better future.

Shanghai Customs Single Window

With direct access to the China (Shanghai) International Trade Single Window, the one stop solution for FX transactions has seamless connections among corporates, banks and Shanghai port authorities

  • Fully digitized process for import payment with streamlined steps for corporate FX transactions
  • Paperless submission of FX payment requests and customs declaration documents on HSBCnet for goods trade
  • Smart e solutions for customs declaration and document review. Automatic review of information and data by the system to minimize errors and save time

Electronic Balance of Payment(eBOP)

With combination of Balance of Payment (BOP) declaration and payment request, cross-border payments on HSBCnet are paperless, digital and quantifiable with significant efficiency.

  • BOP declaration by submitting digital information on HSBCnet with no need to provide paper documents for cross-border payment
  • BOP declaration and payment request combined as one step with improved payment efficiency


Pay all types of taxes and other charges to local tax authorities with ease. With E-Tax, you can manage your financial process more effectively at a lower operating cost.

  • Faster and easier agreement signing on e-platforms of local tax bureaus
  • Service across a large number of cities
  • Multiple payment options available, including automated payment and bank-based payment
  • Tax payable from a cross-city HSBC account or by HSBC client for its subsidiaries. (Note: payment source subject to approval by tax authorities)

Liquidity Investment Solutions (LIS) Online Platform

Enable corporate clients to subscribe, redeem money market funds and enquire holdings online, as a diversified investment option to clients for efficient liquidity management.

  • Single-sign-on via HSBCnet
  • End-to-end online journey for fund subscription and redemption, which is easy to handle, helping to shorten the time for each transaction from 1-2 days (offline booking) to just 5-10 minutes
  • Flexible setting of user roles and approval structure, based on client requirements
  • Digital system which provides real-time access to market updates, fund details, number of units and market value held

Liquidity Management Portal (LMP)

A digital platform helps you build a smart visualization system for liquidity management. It gives you full visibility of your global accounts and delivers enormous efficiency gains for liquidity management.

  • Full transparency of your global accounts
  • Account reports generated based on bank data that give you timely feedback on corporate financial data
  • Dashboard of liquidity product structure and inter-company lending arrangements that offers full visibility of your global liquidity positions
  • Display of account information configurable via filter setting that saves time for account monitoring
  • Self-service tool for global liquidity solutions that enables much faster management of sweep parameters with the effective date accelerated from T+2 to T
  • Available in Chinese and on HSBCnet Mobile, giving you access to corporate liquidity positions anytime and anywhere

Enhancement of Payment Services

Through its digitally consolidated back-office system, we offer longer settlement hours

  • ORTT with FX purchase cut-off time extension from 14:15 to 14:30
  • ACH payment cut-off time extension from 15:00 to 18:00

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