Our USD3 billion New Economy Fund* is dedicated to providing high growth innovation economy companies across mainland China and Hong Kong with a suite of tailored debt solutions from Series A onwards in support of national or international expansion.

Sectors and sub-sectors supported under the HSBC New Economy Fund

HSBC New Economy Fund
*New Economy Fund is launched HSBC China with USD1.5bn funding.

Why HSBC New Economy Fund?

  • Reduce shareholder dilution

  • Lower the overall cost of capital

  • Build an early lending relationship with a leading international bank

  • Extend cash liquidity

  • Push out subsequent equity round, debt fund working capital, and redeploy equity to higher ROI initiatives

Facility characteristics

Facility characteristics

Company profile

  • Series A stage or beyond; with strong institutional Venture Capital or Private Equity investor backing
  • Cash buffer >6 months
  • Year-on-Year revenue growth >20%

Under China’s dual circulation model, how can financial services boost the new economy?

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