Chinese Corporate Innovation Report

The Chinese Corporate Innovation Report presented by HSBC China features a multi-dimensional assessment of some of China’s A-share listed companies, top 500 privately owned manufacturers and top 500 overall manufacturers that fully demonstrates current and future Chinese corporate innovations to boost the country’s economic transformation

Chinese Corporate Innovation Report 2019

Innovative businesses are mainly based in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the YRD and the PRD, accounting for


The PRD has the highest density of innovative businesses.

Capital remains a bigger contributing factor than technology.

“Capital+Technology” has become the main approach for innovative businesses to play out their impact.

Biomedicine, robotics, big data and other emerging industries are technologically sophisticated, high value-added and resource efficient, and are thus well competitive.

An assessment of how leading businesses enable and contribute to the innovation of entire industries and society at large with a focus on “corporate innovation impact” and innovative development of industry ecosystems.

The rapid development of emerging industries including biomedicine, robotics and big data is advancing the Chinese economy towards higher-quality transformation.

With the dawning of the post-pandemic era, corporate innovation is set to recover and gather pace, and businesses based in key regions of China will play out a more significant innovation impact.

The Chinese entrepreneurial spirit stays alive despite Covid-19. Innovation is the best solution for post-pandemic recovery.

Under China’s dual circulation model, how can financial services boost the new economy?

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