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As a one-stop financial service center with value-added business risk management offerings, insurance services is becoming one of the important functions of our commercial banking business.

We know your time is valuable. That’s why we make it easy for you to find the coverage you need. With everything from Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Marine Cargo Insurance, to Trade Credit Insurance and Employee Benefits Related Insurance, we can introduce you to our preferred partners who can offer your business a tailored policy to full cover your protection needs.

Our Insurance solutions

Employee benefits related

In most cases, the company will need to purchase the insurance plan to cover the cost on top of the public health care plan with aim to better motivate your employees, and improve the staff retention.

Operation risk related

The various insurance products can protect your business from being stopped by the risks arising from the natural disaster, human error and other unforeseeable accidents.

Trade risk related

Trade risk related insurance products will protect your company from the loss caused from buyer’s default or any material loss or damage of goods in transit, so as to sustain your business operation.

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