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We can offer domestic trade settlement and financing services as well, which include RMB domestic Letter of Credit and comprehensive drafts services, and also contribute to your domestic business expansion.

Domestic RMB Letter of Credit

RMB Domestic L/C is applicable in domestic trade as a payment instrument in China. We offer domestic L/C issuance, negotiation, acceptance, and finance services, helping to reduce occupied capital and meet your short-term finance needs.

Drafts Services.

We have launched E-bank Acceptance Draft solution, which is fully digitized solution offers draft issuance, endorsement, collection, discounting,and pledge etc. HSBC also offers Commercial Acceptance Draft Discounting and Finance Company Acceptance Draft Discounting services.

Bank Acceptance Draft Discounting Express

You can enjoy faster and cheaper discounting services. Corporate customers in mainland China with HSBC accepted Bank Acceptance Draft with no further endorsement are entitled to the discounting benefits and rights under Bank Acceptance Draft Discounting Express.

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