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With a key focus on delivering the best customer experience, we keep investing in the use of technologies such as blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, API and big data to ensure our supply chain finance solutions are readily available everywhere, instantly implemented through a fully automated process that links customers with the bank (across front, mid and back offices), and supported by online customer engagement.

We provide a full suite of supply chain finance options to meet the diverse needs across various parts of the supply chain, including payment and collection, counterparty risk mitigation, trade finance, cash management and projection.

Diversified and full-chain digital solutions are the future of smart supply chain.

Integrated Working Capital

  • Integrated Working Capital offers financing from pre-shipment till post-shipment stage to suppliers. The solution enables strategic suppliers in the Anchor Buyer SCF program to apply to pre-shipment financing against POs confirmed by Anchor Buyer.
  • Different from the conventional commercial lending, the pre-shipment finance links to the SCF Post-shipment program and brings forward the financing opportunity to the PO stage, i.e. pre-shipment. Such a program also seamlessly connects pre-shipment financing with post-shipment financing in the system and operation level, thus enabling an automated and streamlined process for repayment.
  • Based on suppliers’ transaction history with the buyer and credit standing, suppliers have the opportunity to enjoy faster and effective credit approval by the Bank. Moreover, the solution also presents the opportunity for suppliers to access unsecured loans, which largely reduce the funding costs.

Asset Based Lending

  • Asset Based Lending (ABL) is a full recourse loan product whereby we provide funding with tenor not exceeding 12 months against a secured, monitored and managed pool of assets (including Account Receivables, Inventories etc.) to finance the borrower’s working capital needs.
  • The solution is attractive to clients that do not fit a traditional credit process, but are asset intensive sellers requiring high levels of external finance. With the help of this product, corporate customers can optimize their capital structure and release occupied funds through a line of credit secured against balance sheet assets.

Digitalized Receivables Financing Structure
Buy Now Pay Later on E-commerce Platform

  • We offer Limited Recourse RF solution against diversified buyer pool at the point of check-out in e-commerce B2B sales.
  • Integrating with 3rd party digital platform enables us to offer fully digitalized customer journey, and credit at the buyer’s point of sales. The solution allows the seller to receive early payments and performs automated buyer payment reconciliation.
  • The innovative solution can benefit both the sellers and buyers at the same time. Small and medium sized buyers will enjoy the near-instant financing while the solution also acts as a sales enablement tool, supporting sellers to grow revenues with increased sales velocity.

Multi-layer Supply Chain Finance Solution (incl. Third Party Platform Integration)

  • Based on anchor buyer’s credit and payment voucher issued by the anchor buyer, Multi-layer Supply Chain Finance solutions allow suppliers at all levels to enjoy the anchor buyer’s credit standing with the Bank.
  • Suppliers who receive payment vouchers can then split and transfer the anchor buyer’s payment voucher to the next layer suppliers. Any suppliers holding the voucher can apply for discounting and enjoy low financing cost, underpinned by the anchor buyer’s credit standing.
  • We have established extensive partnerships with a number of platforms and corporates to provide integrated financing solutions catering for clients’ Multi-layer Supply Chain Finance needs.

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