HSBC to set up its first Global Training Centre in mainland China

HSBC Global Training Centre Nansha campus

HSBC is to build the Group’s first global training facility “HSBC Global Training Centre” on its flagship campus in Nansha, Guangzhou as part of the bank’s strategy to help attract and develop financial talent in mainland China and beyond. HSBC is the first foreign bank to set up a global campus at scale in China, demonstrating its long-term commitment to this growing and diverse market and its continued support of China’s financial market development.

HSBC has committed to investing over US$150m in the HSBC Global Training Centre Nansha campus. Programmes are expected to begin by 2024, providing training to over 14,000 HSBC employees in Asia-Pacific including senior global executives each year. The facility will also enable business collaboration within the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and across the country, encouraging the fluid exchange of financial knowledge and skills among our customers and partners.

Peter Wong

“ As one of the three major areas in the Guangdong FTZ, Nansha is located at the geographical centre of the Greater Bay Area. It links up city clusters at the mouth of the Pearl River Estuary and the Hong Kong-Macau area. This is an ideal opportunity to leverage resources from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau to support the Group's talent development strategy. We anticipate that Nansha HSBC Global Training Centre will become the Greater Bay Area’s financial knowledge hub, fostering collaboration and global best practice among financial talent in Guangdong and beyond.“

Peter Wong | Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive,The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Nansha HSBC Global Training Centre is also committed to cultivating future financial talent by introducing programmes around technology and innovation that help employees stay on the cutting edge of financial technology, and equipping them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to thrive in a fast-moving industry. The training centre will also generate a solid talent reserve for HSBC's long-term business development in Asia-Pacific, especially in China, and the rest of the world.

Mr Wong added: “Talent development has always been at the heart of HSBC’s strategy. Investing in our staff to develop future leaders will help draw talent from the market and sustain the Bank’s competitiveness both today and in the future. As a strategic market of HSBC, the economic development in Mainland China contains limitless potential. Setting up our first global training centre in a strategic location like Nansha FTZ will help our management team and employees stay on top of the latest trends in the China market.”

The PRD and the Greater Bay Area in general lies at the heart of HSBC's business development plans. The establishment of HSBC Qianhai Securities and HSBC Life in Guangzhou and Shenzhen have further enhanced the Group's positioning in China. The Group has invested in three global operations centres and a software development company in Guangdong, providing back-office and software development support to its global branches. Currently, HSBC is one of the largest employers among foreign banks in Guangdong and China.

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