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HSBC further donates USD600,000 for virus fight in Hubei
Fast allocation from HSBC Global Disaster Relief Fund to support hospitals and vulnerable groups in Hubei

Following the donation of RMB7 million by HSBC’s major entities in mainland China, on 24 February 2020, the Group announced a new round of donation of USD600,000 (circ. RMB4.1 million) allocated from its Global Disaster Relief Fund.

"HSBC is deeply rooted in China. As a member of our community, we want to contribute more to help those in need,” said Wang Ying, head of corporate sustainability at HSBC China. Ying added, "We have now made donations in the total amount of 11 million yuan to secure resources and supplies for the battle against coronavirus, and to help further develop the prevention and control mechanism of large-scale public epidemic emergency. Furthermore, in due course we will collaborate with our charity partners to design and implement projects that can help communities in urban and rural areas to get back on their feet, in life and in production, as soon as possible.”

In addition to helping medical workers and vulnerable groups, HSBC is also devoted to supporting community workers who have made important contributions in the anti-coronavirus fight. Most recently, the HSBC Community Partner Programme in partnership with NGO’s such as NPI (Non-Profit Incubator) launched the Initiative of Supporting Alliance for communities battling against the virus to call upon more businesses and organizations to pay more attention to vulnerable groups and community workers with a focus on addressing community issues and nurturing the spirit of volunteering.

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