Actions of Solidarity

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Together become the ray ignite the east of the world

A special 2020
Together we look afar
Together we await
Together we turn cautious
Together keep our distance but has never kept apart

Together give up old habit
Together apart to a new life
Together enjoy the smoke & fire at home
Together walk into kid’s classroom
Together accompany the love ones

Together inspire one another for a better tomorrow
And together be a strong support for each other

Together care for our young students abroad alone
Together support our tenacious enterprises
Together overcome the challenge of thousand households’ every meal
Together provide the online health protection guidance
Together race to save lives around the clock
And together champion our unflinching heroes

Together everyone of us do our best to fight virus And together become the ray ignite the east of the world For over 150 years, HSBC cares & connects the world, create future together with you

HSBC China Together with you, we strive

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