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Beyond the infrastructure development on the Belt and Road you’ll find the way to a future of shared prosperity.

New Journeys on Ancient Roads

In the six years since its inception, the BRI has seen its master plan fleshed out with key pillars, progressing from a lofty, idealistic picture to a detailed blueprint.

CET: Making Electrical Waves On the Nile

Cai Yongping, an engineer and project manager at CET, and his colleagues on the project team are opening up a new market on the world’s longest river.

SPIC Acquires São Simão

As he remarked in his poem, Lu Anjian notes, “Internationalisation starts with the smallest training paddles in your local sea, but you transform and gain the capability to conduct missions on the seven seas, a brave seaman at the helm of your ship, watching the ocean ahead – the globalised future.”

A Ten-Year Effort: the Much Anticipated Marriage between Proton and Geely

Perhaps Seagull, by the great Malaysian poet Tian Si, is the best expression of Geely Holding Group’s spirit as it forges ahead on the Maritime Silk Route: “He is a seagull, whose life is struggle; only the ocean knows the hardship of his life.”

Tsingshan’s Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park: Build, and They Will Come

Akurullah may not understand the full significance of the BRI, but he is more than aware about how IMIP, which is a BRI project, has changed his life. “My income here allows me to support my family. This is my home now.”

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