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Foreign Currency /RMB Cross-border Payment and Collections

  • RMB cross-border transactions.
  • Foreign currency cross-border payment and collections in 22 currencies including main currencies such as USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD and CHF.
  • Extensive global clearing network covering major clearing houses overseas including Hong Kong’s Real-time Gross Settlement System and the Clearing House Interbank Payment Systems (CHIPS), providing fast and reliable global clearing services for clients.
  • Providing customized and favorable solutions for clients’ stable and frequent cross-border payment and collections needs. Clients don’t need to pay service charge on transaction level, which would optimize the cost and improve operational efficiency.

Cross-border Cash Management

Foreign Debt Management

Under the macro-prudential management framework of overseas financing, corporate clients registered in China (excluding government investment platforms or real estate corporates) can borrow funds from overseas shareholders, overseas group companies or offshore financial institutions and transfer the funds to China to enhance the liquidity of their operations or facilitate business expansion and investment.

  • We offer help in the application process of overseas financing and provide compliance guidance on filing and registration of relevant proceeds domestic usage, as well as the latest regulatory policy update in overseas investment and financing, which will help you to enjoy the benefit the favorable financing cost in overseas market and enhance the profitability of your business.
  • Diversified financing channels for corporates whose can borrow foreign debit within a designated quota.
  • Foreign-invested enterprises can convert the FCY foreign debit into RMB for domestic reimbursement.
  • Streamlined operational process to improve cross-border cash management efficiency.
  • Funding usage process is simplified. Eligible corporates can submit a one-page Order of Payment to banks for its capital item related funding disbursement domestically, instead of the previous practice to submit original supporting documents to certify genuineness at transaction level.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)/Capital Injection

Foreign enterprises or Chinese enterprises registered overseas can make direct investments in China in foreign currencies or RMB in accordance with relevant policies and regulations, including the establishment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises in China, investment in Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperative ventures and projects of foreign-invested enterprises in China, as well as other forms of foreign investment projects.

  • Simplified and straightforward process, suitable for peer-to-peer investment.
  • Comparing with borrowing foreign debt, there is no need to repay principal and interest Under FDI/Capital Injection.
  • Funding usage process is simplified. Eligible corporates can submit a one-page Order of Payment to banks for its capital item related funding disbursement domestically, instead of the previous practice to submit original supporting documents to certify genuineness at transaction level

Outward Direct Investment (ODI)

Enterprises registered in the People's Republic of China can invest overseas through new establishment, mergers and acquisitions or other means to own non-financial enterprises, or acquire ownership, control authority, management authority and other rights and interests of existing non-financial enterprises overseas. We have rich experience and a large number of successful cases in assisting domestic corporates in their outbound investment activity and business expansion.

  • HSBC Commercial Banking is available across 54 countries and territories globally. In the context of the "Belt and Road Initiative", HSBC provides local policy consulting, financial advisory, cross-border investment, cross-border M&A and other services for Chinese corporates to help them "go global" through ODI, cross-border M&A and other opportunities.
  • HSBC has established China Desks across 26 major markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America and the Middle East, supporting more than 40 markets in 6 continents. These markets are not only major destinations for China’s outbound investment, but also geographically located in areas along the Belt and Road

One-stop VIE Solution

The solution provides account opening for offshore entities with VIE structure and features one-stop corporate banking services with cross-border connectivity. It assists corporates in crafting solutions for flexible use of liquidity, such as entrusted loan solutions for the use of proceeds, as well as transfer and use of funds (including the raising of IPO funds, multi-level capital injection, and the settlement of round-tripping FX capital).

  • As one of the first batch of pilot banks approved by SAFE, HSBC assists overseas listed companies in filing employee share incentive plans, opening share incentive accounts, and completing cross-border fund settlement.
  • With the most extensive global network, HSBC is committed to helping corporate clients expand worldwide.
  • One-stop efficient solution for fund transfer, use and FX management.

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