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Payment and Settlement

Domestic RMB Payment

  • Automatically processed with high efficiency. Payment can be received within seconds.
  • Extended service hours. 7*18 hours support for single payment no exceeding RMB1 million by covering non-working day payment processing by 21:30.
  • Support payment file upload to increase efficiency and minimize manual handling errors.

Cross-border Foreign Currency Payment/Collection

  • Supporting documents can be uploaded online or sent by mail without mandatory requirement of on-site submission at HSBC branches.
  • Payment status tracking is available via HSBC China WeChat or WeChat Mini-program. One-stop access to transaction statement and updates of your domestic and cross-border payments anytime anywhere.


HSBC China provides 7*24 custom duty payment for corporate clients. Clients can sign tripartite debit agreement and select their HSBC accounts to process customs duty payment in Single-Window platform by real-time. After that, client is able to print the original tax receipt on the same day for further custom clearances. It can automatically deliver the e-port payment information and instruction and provide great convenience to clients’ daily custom payment need.

  • Agreement signing process is fast, which supports agreement online signing.
  • Support flexible e-port payment options. Various payment options are available, such as auto debit, payment via counter, etc.
  • Debit account setup is flexible. HSBC China's e-port service can support payment via an RMB account opened in a HSBC China's branch or sub-branch in a different city.
  • Payment account can be RMB settlement, either RMB basic account or general account, without additional bank charges.


E-tax service is offered to corporate clients by leveraging on HSBC China’s connectivity with national electronic tax payment system – Treasury Information Processing System (“TIPS”). It allows corporate clients to pay taxes electronically and automatically and provides convenient services for corporate clients’ daily tax payment needs. This service is available in all cities with HSBC branches in China.

  • Agreement signing process is fast, which supports E-tax payment protocol on local tax bureau websites by using HSBC account.
  • Support flexible e-tax payment options. Various payment options are available, such as auto debit, payment via counter, etc.
  • Flexible Debit account setup is flexible. HSBC China's e-tax service can support payment via an RMB account opened in a HSBC China's branch or sub-branch in a different city, or e-tax payment for client’s branch companies, provided that approval about such practice has been approved from the local tax bureau in advance.

NRA (Non-Resident Account)

Offshore entities with offshore funds (including proceeds from offshore IPOs and bond issuance) can open onshore Foreign currency nonresident accounts (FCY NRA accounts) or onshore RMB settlement accounts (RMB NRA accounts) with domestic banks, such as HSBC China, to fulfill their needs of receiving proceeds from domestic or offshore payers, funds transfer between NRA accounts, funds transfer to offshore accounts, or making payments to offshore beneficiaries.

  • HSBC NRA accounts are integrated with HSBCnet for account inquiry and payment.
  • Supported by dedicated team of HSBC China with effective communications and better customer service.
  • Maximum return on surplus funds. NRA account funds can be sued to place deposit, such as time/call deposits, to increase yields.
  • FX purchase and settlement rate applies for onshore rates only, which might be different from the rates applied for overseas markets. (NRA FX settlement is only applicable in Shanghai Free Trade Zone).
  • Compared with normal onshore accounts, NRA is a more convenient option to make payment or receive funds to/from offshore accounts.


Support you to concentrate bank accounts balances for easy management of the idle funds and enhance yield while keeping proper liquidity to provide security for business.

  • RMB deposit products including demand deposit, contract saving deposit, time deposit, certificate of deposit.
  • 7 Days Call Deposit PLUS, featuring instant account opening, automatic notification and interest settlement.
  • Foreign Currency deposit products covering currencies including USD, HKD, CAD, AUD, SGD, GBP, JPY and EUR, etc. Multiple options with various tenors including demand deposit, short-term time deposit (7 days – 12 months) and long-term time deposit (over 1 year).

ERP Adaptor | Cash Management H2H Solution

To meet your requirements of simpler and faster management of daily accounting process with high efficiency, we provide a cash management system integration solution of “ERP adaptor”. It can help you to connect your ERP system to HSBC platforms in an automated, seamless and fast manner.


Flexible Uploading Options

Uploading payment documents through connecting your own ERP system with HSBC host-to-host system or on HSBCnet.

Faster Implementation

Attractive pricing, plug-and-play ERP adaptor with minimal resource requirements.

Simpler Working Capital and Liquidity Management

Seamless and customized integration with HSBC platform to increase productivity.

More Efficient Operations

Integrated platform to manage bank accounts and payments across the various geographical locations.

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