Protecting Green Natural Environment

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Support sustainable development of China

Joining hands with NGO partners, we provided RMB100mn in China in supporting numerous local climate solution programs which covers transformation of supply chain, growth of green start-ups, and natural environmental protection, making efforts in promoting the sustainable and high-quality development of China's economy.

Let Life Flourish at Honghu Lake

Protecting the Yangtze River

The Yangtze River Basin is a development area of strategic importance in China. Conservation of the Yangtze River must be balanced with economic development and livelihood improvement

Promoting Sustainable Palm Oil for Green Supply Chain

Supporting Ecological Conservation

The 2020 China Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Forum and the 4th RSPO China Forum, supported by HSBC China and some other companies and organisations, was successfully held in Suzhou to support ecological conservation and encourage purchase and consumption of sustainable palm oil among more Chinese companies and consumers

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Building a Sustainable Business Future

To build a green economy requires a business plan for the planet. HSBC is committed to the innovation of green finance, and the development and internationalization of green industries. With our global network and expertise, we help businesses align with international sustainable financing standards, and better participate in the global green supply chain ecosystem.

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