Business Plan for the Planet

“With our global network and expertise, HSBC is well positioned to help propel forward the transition to net zero and contribute to China’s climate ambitions.”

Mark Wang | President and CEO, HSBC China

We all know what's going on. Millions of voices tell us every day. What we need, more than ever, is action.

We need ideas that deliver a future of sustained prosperity for us all.

We need a Business Plan for The Planet that opens up sustainable business opportunities

Business Plan for the Planet

Sustainable business opportunities arise from caring for the planet, and it needs solid strategy, expertise, and fast delivery. That’s why we believe that businesses are uniquely placed to help. HSBC is committing between $750bn and $1trn to drive sustainable transition for businesses by 2030 to help us all thrive in a low carbon economy.

Building Low-carbon Green City

A low-carbon lifestyle creates city’s sustainable economy. At HSBC China, we offer green financing products and solutions to help our customers achieve carbon reduction target. We work with NGO partners on various climate solution programs of energy transition, benefiting industries of real estate, textile, electronics, etc

Building a Sustainable Business Future

To build a green economy requires a business plan for the planet. HSBC is committed to the innovation of green finance, and the development and internationalization of green industries. With our global network and expertise, we help businesses align with international sustainable financing standards, and better participate in the global green supply chain ecosystem.

Protecting Green Natural Environment

Business can be part of the solution for protecting the natural environment, Joining hands with our NGO partners, we are supporting numerous climate solution programs to protect natural ecosystems, promote the consumption of sustainable agriculture products, and support the relevant research work.

HSBC Green Insights

With global resources and expertise in sustainable finance, we provide regular insights into green development.

Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey

China’s green finance potential is growing. How interested is China’s capital market in sustainability?

China Green Finance Report

China’s roadmap to green finance development, co-presented with 21 Century Business Herald.

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