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On the New Silk Road, you’ll need the best guide

On the New Silk Road, you’ll need the best guide

2016 RMB Internationalisation Survey

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Make trade safer and easier

Moving an invoicing cycle for Chinese trade into renminbi could dramatically reduce forex transaction costs and the associated risks. It can also make doing business simpler by working in your home currency, increasingly transparency for your organisation. Did you know that 100% of HSBC customers who used RMB for Cross Border Settlement found the process as easy as they expected.

Where’s the opportunity?

The renminbi is already widely used in cross-border transactions accounting for around 8 per cent of total goods trade settlement in China in 2012. HSBC projects it will reach 30 per cent by 2015.Total offshore cross-border trade settlement in renminbi reached CNH*2.9 trillion in 2012, representing 40 per cent year-on-year growth.

How can HSBC help you seize it?

HSBC can help set up your business so you can settle your trade in Renminbi and start to benefit for reduce foreign exchange risks and simpler processes. We can also help back invoices with trade and receivables finance, all in renminbi.

Trade in renminbi with HSBC

Cross-border settlement

Invoicing in renminbi for trade is now unrestricted for companies with the ability to import and export . Your business can conduct almost all cross-border trade transactions in renminbi, using accounts and documentation support from HSBC. Trade has been fully open since June 2012, when all companies in mainland China with import and export qualifications were permitted to make and receive payments in renminbi for goods, services and other current account items under China’s Renminbi Trade Settlement Scheme.

Trade financing and funding

HSBC provides a full range of offshore renminbi trade finance and receivables products to back invoices:

  • RMB documentary credits
  • RMB short-term loans
  • RMB receivables finance
  • RMB documentary collections
  • RMB guarantees
  • RMB commodities and structured trade finance

Move your business on to the Mainland

As one of the largest foreign banks in China, we can help establish and manage operations on the Mainland. HSBC will help execute an expansion strategy, providing services to help with capital injection and reduction, payments, investments, and shareholder loans – all compliant with Mainland regulations. We can help repatriate profits by paying and receiving dividends in renminbi.

*CNH is the name used in the market to refer to offshore deliverable RMB – all compliant with Mainland regulations.

Grow Onshore Operations

Ensure your business participates in the growth of the Chinese economy to the fullest extent by building your operations in China with finance in Renminbi.

Where’s the opportunity?

You can finance your China operations using renminbi raised offshore or on the Mainland. Injections of renminbi into China foreign-invested enterprises, wholly owned foreign enterprises and joint ventures have been permitted since October 2011. In 2012, international companies, banks and other organizations raised CNH*275 billion in renminbi funds using the offshore Dim Sum bond market in Hong Kong. Or fund operations directly in China – international organizations can borrow from Mainland lending organizations(subject to some restrictions).

Local expertise and international leverage

We offer a full range of funding for your business in China. HSBC provides renminbi trade financing facilities, loans and the capability to raise bonds in Hong Kong, London and other offshore markets as they develop. Onshore too, HSBC is there to help with financing solutions as a registered bank on the Mainland.

Build in renminbi with HSBC

Offshore RMB borrowing and funding

We are the leading underwriter and lead manager in the offshore Dim Sum market, ranked first in the league table of lead managers by Bloomberg in 2012 by amount and number of issues. Additionally, we offer a full range of short- and medium-term financing solutions in renminbi for more immediate funding requirements.

Companies can also raise capital through renminbi-denominated initial public, offerings in London, Hong Kong and other financial centers with HSBC.

All working capital, trade and receivables finance can be used outside China while bonds and loans raised offshore can be remitted onshore to finance business activities in China subject to approvals by the Chinese authorities.

Onshore RMB financing

As one of the largest foreign banks in mainland China, you can turn to HSBC for loans, bonds and trade financing facilities tailored to fit your requirements. We are one of the foreign banks approved by the People’s Bank of China to underwrite and clear non-financial corporate bonds in interbank bond markets, and underwrite commercial paper and medium-term notes. HSBC also provides full trade and receivables financing in China as well as domestic lending and cross-border intercompany funds transfers(subject to mainland regulations). HSBC is also the leading foreign bank for access to China’s interbank bond market.

*CNH is the name used in the market to refer to offshore deliverable RMB"

Take risks out of China activities

Manage the costs of hedging your trade and operations by using renminbi foreign exchange forwards, options and swaps in an offshore regional treasury centre or on the Mainland.

Where’s the opportunity?

Renminbi foreign exchange markets onshore and offshore have developed rapidly and are now supported by risk management tools. About RMB54 billion in deliverable foreign exchange contracts are issued every day in Hong Kong, while RMB19 billion in contracts are traded daily in China.

How can HSBC help you seize it?

We provide risk management instruments for trade, financing and investment protection. HSBC is among the most active participants in the offshore renminbi foreign exchange market and one of only a few international banks registered to deal on the Mainland as well.

Mitigate in renminbi with HSBC

Complete offshore hedging tools

Hedge your offshore renminbi trade flows and assets with HSBC. We provide deliverable forwards, options and swaps as well as access to the active non-deliverable market. Prices between deliverables and non-deliverables are converging and deliverables have already become one of the important tools for many investors seeking to hedge, renminbi volatility.

Manage risks on the Mainland

We are the leading foreign bank in the interbank FX spot, forward and swap markets. HSBC provides deliverable currency and interest rate hedging tools, including swaps, options and forwards. We can help hedge all the transactions and transfers permitted by Chinese regulators, including debt and working capital repayment; income and expenses; capital injections and income remittance.

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