PRD-HK connectivity

More opportunities come. How quickly can you make them? The seamless cross border bank service helps you.

PRD-HK seamless connectivity

With the Pearl River Delta-Hong Kong (PRD-HK) connectivity in place, the PRD region might be where your next opportunity is. The seamless connection between HSBC PRD and HSBC HK helps you seize more growth opportunities across the border
  • Convenience: HSBCnet business and dedicated RM for joining up HK and PRD as "one bank one region".
  • Simple: Streamlined account opening process for quick start-up of cross border business.
  • Flexible: A variety of foreign exchange and cross-border trade financing solutions.
  • Speed and certainty: 2 hours express payment and same day RMB Credit service.
  • Cost–effective: Preferential fees to drive further business growth.

PRD-HK account opening offer

From now till 10 December 2018, enjoy the following offers for business transactions:

  • 100% fee waiver for outward telegraphic transfers from HSBC Greater Bay Area* to HSBC HK
  • Up to 50% discount for outward telegraphic transfers from HSBC Greater Bay Area* to other banks
  • 100% fee waiver for inward telegraphic transfers from overseas banks to HSBC Greater Bay Area*
  • 100% waiver for Enhanced Business Vantage Plus account opening fee and account service fee for 6 months after account opening.
  • Trade coupon of CNY 2,000 after opening new trade account.

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Call our enquiry hotline on (020) 8313 1339

* Greater Bay Area Region refers to following 9 cities in Mainland China: (1) Guangzhou, (2) Shenzhen, (3) Zhuhai, (4) Foshan, (5) Jiangmen, (6) Zhaoqing, (7) Huizhou, (8) Dongguan and (9) Zhongshan

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The promotional period is from Jun 11 2018 to Dec 10 2018 (both days inclusive).
  2. Customer Eligibility: New Commercial Banking customers that are selected by HSBC (“the Bank”) and open accounts in HSBC branches or sub branches located in Greater Bay Area during promotional period. Greater Bay Area includes Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing.
  3. Promotion details and eligible criteria:

  4. 3.1 Enhanced Business Vantage Plus new account opening offer
    • Full waiver of Account Opening Fee
    • Full waiver of Service Fee for first 6 months after account opening.

    3.2 Foreign currency and Renminbi outward cross-border remittance via Telegraphic Transfer (ORTT) offer:
    • Preferential pricing for ORTT commission, which is 0.075% of payment principle, Min. CNY75/equivalent, Max. CNY455/equivalent
    • 50% discount for cable charge, which is CNY 60/ equivalent
    • Full waiver for ORTT commission and cable charge, if the beneficiary bank is a branch or sub branch of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited located in Hong Kong SAR

    Eligible Criteria:
    • The ORTT is processed within 6 months after account opening
    • ORTT commission and cable charge is paid by the payer
    • The payer doesn’t enjoy any other preferential pricing for ORTT commission and cable charge

    3.3 Foreign currency inward cross-border remittance via Telegraphic Transfer (IRTT) offer:
    • Full waiver of IRTT commission

    Eligible Criteria:
    • The IRTT is processed with 6 months after account opening
    • The IRTT commission is borne by the beneficiary
    • The beneficiary does not enjoy any other preferential pricing related to IRTT commission

    3.4 Trade Service offer:
    • Trade Service coupon of CNY 2000, which could be used to offset bank charge for Trade Services

    Eligible Criteria:
    • The customer opens Trade Account within the promotion period
    • The usage of the coupon should be subject to the Bank’s Terms and Conditions (T&C) on Trade Service coupon
  5. For the Tariff of Accounts and Services for Corporate Customers, please refer to the Bank’s official website.
  6. The programme and its associated Terms and Conditions may be adjusted from time to time or the programme may be withdrawn/partially withdrawn at the Bank's discretion or according to laws and regulations and/or directives as given by the local authorities without prior notice. If any disputes arise, the decision of HSBC shall be final and conclusive.
  7. In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of the terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail. 

PRD-HK 2 hours express payment 

The HSBC network advantage

Faster flow of funds. Take advantage of the large HSBC network and send/receive funds faster to/from your trading partners in Hong Kong.

Faster credit to your account for incoming payments

Speed and Certainty. Payments from your trading partners in Hong Kong from an account opened with HSBC Hong Kong** can reach you in 2 hours*. You can deploy your funds to fulfill business needs.

Certainty in outgoing payments

Payments remitted to HSBC Hong Kong** can reach your trading partner in 2 hours* as well. So that you can receive goods or services from your trading partner in a timely manner.

Illustrative example

A large Shenzhen based manufacturer and exporter of consumer electronic products has their top trading partners based in Hong Kong.

The supplier would release goods once they receive confirmed credit in their accounts. Delay in the receipt of funds would further delay the release of goods and impact the business between the two partners. Additionally, efficiency of the manufacturer is reduced due to number of follow up calls to track the payments and increased inventory storage.

With the proposed solution from HSBC, the supplier will be able to get their incoming receipts processed on a priority and receive faster credits into their account. By using this service, the company not only unlocks a preferential banking relationship with HSBC; they will also strengthen and solidify their relationships with their larger customers, positioning the company for future growth.

Contact Us

For product and account opening specific enquiries, please contact our Pearl River Delta customer service:
Telephone: (020) 83131339

* The above 2-hour payment service will be offered on a best effort basis for payments between accounts opened with HSBC China in the Pearl River Delta region (i.e. HSBC China’s Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan branches) and HSBC Hong Kong subject to certain criteria which include, without limitation, the following:
  • Payment instruction shall be submitted though our electronic channels before cut-off time.
  • Forms, supporting documents and any other document as may be required by any regulator or HSBC must be duly completed, signed and/or provided.
  • Relevant banking accounts are in normal operation.
  • Maximum number of invoices supported per payment may be revised from time to time.
  • Supported currencies include RMB, USD, HKD, EUR and GBP which may be revised from time to time.
  • Any other conditions applicable for payment/funds remittance have been satisfied.
  • The payment shall meet the criteria of HSBC Hong Kong for automatic process.
  • If the payment is cleared via a non HSBC Group intermediary bank, the processing time may be longer than 2 hours.

** HSBC Hong Kong means The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited; HSBC China means HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited.

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