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Trade Transaction Tracker

HSBCnet Mobile App with Trade Transaction Tracker – Much quicker and easier way to access your trade transactions…anytime, anywhere. At HSBC, we are continuing to provide innovative tools to help make your life simpler 24/7.

And now, the HSBCnet Mobile app includes the new Trade Transaction Tracker. The HSBCnet Trade Transaction Tracker gives you an overview of all your documentary credits, collections, guarantees and trade loans in one single app.

Available for Apple iPhone and Android devices, with the HSBCnet Mobile app with Trade Transaction Tracker you can:

  • Get an overview of your documentary credits, collections, guarantees and trade loans
  • View real-time status of export and import documentary credits, collection, guarantee and trade loan transactions
  • Intelligent transaction search
  • Real-time courier tracking of export documents
  • Save time on the phone or faxes with immediate access to your detailed trade account information

When you need to see all your transactions at once, the HSBCnet Mobile App with Trade Transaction Tracker gives you a quick overview.

Watch the video and see how it works


What you will need

  • An Apple iPhone or Android device
  • The latest version of the HSBCnet Mobile app downloaded from the Apple App Store or Baidu App Store*
  • HSBC Trade Account Number
  • HSBC Instant@dvice email address**
  • Recent transaction reference number linked to the above account

* You only need to be registered for Instant@dvice to access the HSBC Trade Transaction Tracker, HSBCnet registration is not required.
**If you are not yet an HSBC Instant@dvice customer, please contact your local HSBC Relationship Manager.

Scan QR code to download HSBCnet Mobile app for both iPhone and Andriod devices


Easy 3-step set-up

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter in your HSBC Trade Account number, Instant@dvice email address and bill or DC or guarantee reference number
  3. Enter in the confirmation code provided to your email address
  • Any inquiry about Trade Transaction Tracker, please contact global trade and receivable finance client service center.


The HSBCnet Mobile App with Trade Transaction Tracker is available in select countries. Visit the App Store, search “HSBCnet” and download the HSBCnet Mobile app today. Apple, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Baidu App Store is a service mark of Baidu Inc. We do not charge for the App. However, your mobile network operator may charge you to access the App and these charges may vary if you access the App when abroad. You are responsible for these charges.

HSBC integrated ECDS solution

An increasing number of corporates in different industries are using electronic commercial drafts (E-drafts) in their daily operations thanks to wider adoption of the ECDS. The ECDS, established by the People’s Bank of China, is an online platform for corporates to handle commercial drafts. It can help corporates minimise operational and fraud risks compared to paper commercial drafts.

As part of HSBC’s efforts in digital innovation, the integrated ECDS solution will enable customers to handle E-drafts in a simpler way as well as manage their working capital more efficiently.

Through the new solution, customers can easily access the ECDS through HSBCnet, simplify the process of handling E-drafts, and make use of a range of products to improve management in both accounts payable and accounts receivable.

From production, to sales and financing, the solution will serve customers’ needs throughout their business flows. Take accounts receivable management for example. The solution will help customers reduce their workload by improving the process for them to acknowledge the receipt of E-drafts. It will also shorten the turnaround time for receivables by automating the process for E-draft collection. Furthermore, the solution will provide customers with a comprehensive report to help them save manual costs on reconciliation.

In addition, our integrated ECDS solution can give tailored support to customers in their discounting business. It will help customers speed up the turnover of capital by streamlining the transaction process and requirements for supporting documents.

To help customers to better experience the new solution, a dedicated team has been set up for enquiries and support.

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HSBCnet Service Hotline

800 830 3083


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