Digital Banking

Smarter Banking helps your business thrive

Digital Banking

Innovative digital banking makes your everyday banking extraordinary. It covers laptop, mobile and wechat platforms and provides a simpler, faster, smarter digital banking experience.

Seamless Connection

ERP Adaptor, a cash management host-to-host solution

It can help corporate customers to connect their ERP system to HSBC platform in an automated, seamless and fast manner.

  • Faster Implementation:
    Attractive pricing, plug-and-play ERP adaptor with minimal resources requirements
  • Simpler Working Capital and Liquidity Management:
    Seamless and customized integration with HSBC platform to increases productivity
  • More Efficient Operation:
    Integrated platform to manage bank accounts and payments across the various geographical locations

E-bank Acceptance Draft, Bespoke Solutions for Trade Finance

This fully digitized solution offers a more convenient and flexible approach to draft issuance, endorsement, collection, discounting,etc. It delivers higher efficiency in AR/AP settlement and capital turnover together with additional benefits including reduced payment risks, more efficient financial operations and cost savings for corporate customers. Furthermore, HSBC has also launched a number of other bespoke solutions such as Bank Acceptance Draft Discounting Express, E-bank Acceptance Draft Pool Pledge and Host-to-Host to address corporate needs for diverse offerings in trade finance.

Digital Banking Connectivity (PDF, 1.02MB)

Treasury APIs, innovative and simplified cash management solutions

Our APIs can help you develop innovative payment solutions that can be embedded in web and mobile applications, delivering an enhanced digital experience for your clients. The power of HSBC’s Treasury APIs, integrated with your treasury and payment systems will help unlock new possibilities for your business, making it easier to manage your cash and make more informed decisions.

Track trade transactions and payment status anytime, anywhere, view all your HSBC accounts in one place

Track payments

We invest in technology to boost the productivity of your financial operations. Track Payments gives you increased visibility and makes it easier to manage and track your payments via both laptop and mobile. You can filter and manage payments using multiple criteria, such as currency, destination country, amount, plus many others.

Digital Banking Payment Tracker (PDF, 1.52MB)

Digital Banking Payments (PDF, 455KB)

Trade tracker:

  • This services cover 3 channels including wechat, online banking mobile APP and emails. Can meet customer needs to access trade transactions at anytime, anywhere.
  • Get an overview of your trade and guarantee transactions
  • View real-time status of export and import documentary credits, collections, trade loans and guarantee transactions
  • Real-time courier tracking of export documents

New interface of HSBCnet

  • A simple and intuitive homepage: A new ‘Task’ panel with shortcuts to your most-used screens, like payments pending authorisation, recently-used tools and Virtual Assistant
  • All your HSBC accounts in one place: View up-to-date balances on the homepage the minute you log in, or drill down to individual accounts for fast access to specific details and tools
  • Payments that are easier to create: Fewer screens means simpler and faster payment creation, and real-time input validation means you can correct errors before submitting a payment
  • A snapshot of all your authorisations: A redesigned summary page shows the progress of your current authorisations. Plus, direct links to useful tools help you make sure your payments reach the beneficiary bank
  • Step-by-step file uploads: A new panel on the ‘File upload’ page helps you track a file at each step of the process after it has been uploaded
  • Faster access to reports and files: A new ‘Reports and files download’ screen makes finding what you need easier, including details on statements, status reports, SEPA payments, credit advices and unpaid cheques.

Digital Banking New UI (PDF, 652KB)

Biometric capabilities available on mobile

HSBCnet Mobile now supports a full suite of Biometric capabilities, including Touch & Face ID for iOS devices,as well as Fingerprint ID for supported Android devices. These provide a fast, simple and secure way to view your HSBC accounts and balances on the go. Once enabled, simply use your fingerprint or facial recognition to log in – making it even quicker to access your HSBCnet services anytime, anywhere.

Digital Banking Biometrics (PDF, 1.47MB)

Virtual Assistant with 7 X 24 Support

Round the clock, wherever you are, HSBCnet keeps you fully supported with a range of innovative online help and assistance options that are designed to make your life simpler and resolve problems faster. Chat with us online if you have a query, ask your own questions, explore features and browse frequently asked questions. Additionally, NetPlus provides training materials and videos to help you get the best out of HSBCnet.

In addition, AI based - Chat-bot Xiao Hui provide 7X24 seamless smart interaction, voice and text recognition, powered up by AI intelligent, semantic analysis and profound RMs’ knowledge and keep learning by experience.

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This hotline serves only commercial banking customer. If you are global banking customer, please directly contact your client service manager.


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