Green Deposits aim to provide customers with an opportunity to fulfill their sustainability goals by investing their surplus funds into environmentally beneficial projects and business.

Invest today for a sustainable tomorrow with Green Deposits


Get stable principal and predictable income

Ease of use

Place deposits using a simple process


Contribute to your sustainability agendas


Demonstrate to investors of your efforts toward low-carbon transition and environmental protection

Key Features

  • HSBC uses the deposits to fund eligible environmentally beneficial projects and business
  • The amount for Green Deposits will be subject to availability and size of eligible projects and businesses
  • HSBC provides quarterly report that includes the allocation of funds

Who Is It For?

  • Companies planning for inclusion of sustainability agendas into their treasury activities
  • Companies with limited opportunities for investment in environmentally beneficial projects and business
  • Companies who prefer investing their surplus funds in deposits rather than in marketable securities (e.g., bonds)


As we work to help you achieve your sustainability goals, we are dedicated to the following causes*:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Efficient Buildings
  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Clean Transportation
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Climate Change Adaptation

*Examples of green project themes shown above are non-exhaustive and for illustration purposes only.

How Does It Work

Your funds will be committed towards qualified business and projects under HSBC Green Deposit Guide

HSBC sustainability policies

The list of eligible categories of projects and businesses, is aligned to the HSBC Green Bond Framework and Green Loan Principles.

HSBC is fully committed to its agreed sustainability approach and compliance with the sustainability commitments that the Bank has made in the public domain. For more information on HSBC sustainability activities and policies, please see the HSBC Group Sustainability page at

and Green Bond Framework at

HSBC has developed specific Sustainability Risk Policies for sectors in which it has considerable business and where there is potentially high adverse impacts on people and the environment. More information can be found at

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