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Lifecycle debt financing solutions

Effective and actionable solutions tailored to address pain points of clients across different stages of development.

Product features

  • No requirements on profitability/pledge/guarantee. Foreseeing borrower’s turnaround prospect based on industry specificity and the borrower’s operational data
  • Flexible loan tenors based on actual needs
  • No requirement on pledge/guarantee. Suitable for tech firms and internet businesses that are asset-light and fast-growing
  • Flexible choice of currencies and borrowing entities (onshore/offshore, WOFE/VIE) based on actual needs
  • Plain debt, no requirement on venture debt/convertible debt/stock pledge/share option
  • Unlike most banks that require annual reviews, HSBC can adjust lending quotas anytime based on each client’s aggregate credit standing and actual needs

Example of equity financing at the startup phase

HSBC provided an online English education firm with a working capital loan of RMB 20 million coupled with Global Disbursement, integrated payment/instalment to reduce cost for the client.

Example of equity financing and operating cash flow at the growth phase

HSBC provided an online second-hand car trading platform with a general credit limit of USD 20 million covering working capital loans, trade finance and supply chain finance to diversify funding options for the client.

Example of operating cash flow at the maturity phase

As the sole coordinator, HSBC arranged USD 2 billion in overseas syndicated loans with tenors between 3 and 5 years for a world-leading OTA to access the wider capital market and more financing options.

Cross-border financial solutions

HSBC is well versed in regulatory requirements and available options for financing. Cross-border financing options are classified by one-way / two-way operations for ease of comparison and analysis so that we can better understand your company’s operations and structure and our team can propose comprehensive solutions in terms of regulatory compliance, policy and products.

Solutions and benefits

  • Co-developing and co-implementing the strategy of centralised cash management with the client
  • Coordinating account opening globally to enable connectivity, centralised control and full visibility
  • Information sharing on local regulations/policies
  • Facilitating USD debt issuance as Lead Manager and communicating with Chinese regulators for proceeds repatriation

Main benefits

  • Establishment of a modernised global structure for centralised cash management with access to capital markets
  • Real-time visibility of all HSBC accounts and full control powered by the e-platform
  • Significant improvements in onshore/offshore cash management and cross-border cash flow for clients and their overseas treasury centres
  • Flexible cross-border capital allocation that offers an alternative to costly onshore financing

Under China’s dual circulation model, how can financial services boost the new economy?

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