HSBC is committed to serving China’s healthcare industry with innovative banking solutions to help boost its global competitiveness.


Forward planning

Based on in-depth industry analysis, we develop early relationship with promising and innovative healthcare businesses in China.

Credit support

Informed by company visits and investor conversations, we provide credit support to healthcare businesses in China.

One platform

HSBC’s global network and one-stop service platform are well positioned to meet the operational and financial needs of healthcare businesses in China.

Providing lifecycle solutions for China’s healthcare businesses


  • Early-stage credit support via a dedicated lending pool for healthcare businesses (including medical start-ups that are yet to realise revenue or yet to be profitable)
  • Helping start-ups with early identification of their business models


  • Fixed asset/liquidity loans via a dedicated lending pool for healthcare businesses (e.g. loans for commercialisation of innovative products)
  • Helping firms to expand their business and mitigate equity dilution from fundraising


  • Onshore/offshore capital market services, and supporting commercial banking services (cross-border liquidity management/ proceeds management/ currency risk management)
  • IPO receiving bank services
  • Commercial banking services for ESOP (onshore/offshore account opening for employees/ foreign exchange registration for equity incentive plans)


  • Ongoing funding support
  • Enhanced international services
  • Global liquidity and cash management
  • Access to offshore debt capital markets (offshore bonds / syndicated loans) for diverse financing options

Under China’s dual circulation model, how can financial services boost the new economy?

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